Colorado Dream House Dream

Colorado Dream House Dream

6300 S Syracuse Way #150 Centennial, CO. 80111


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General Info:

Some of the results we get for our clients: 1) The Colorado Dream House Team averages over 80 homes a year. 2) We sell your home for an average of 98% of asking price – getting you more money. 3) We sell our clients home faster. The industry average is 37 days on market for 700,000 and below. We average 26 days. 4) Keller Williams DTC, LLC is the largest single office in Colorado. We sell 1 in every 12 homes on the market. There are differences in real estate teams. Why not try us?


We’re the Colorado Dream House Team! We have 50+ years of experience in Denver residential real estate! Our Business philosophy is based on two principals: • No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care! • People don’t want to know how great you are… they just want results!


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